Security Tip to avoid Phishing attacks :

Banks never ask their customers to provide their username, password, or credit card numbers through e-mails. User ID and password should not be parted with for any purpose other than transaction. Never click any link given inside the e-mail message. Directly type the URL of your Bank in address field of browser. If you do not know the URL of our bank's website, take time to call the Bank immediately to find out.
Check the language and spelling of the text contained in the e-mail. If you find misspelled words or substandard language, conclude that it is not from bank. If the e-mail urges to act immediately without delay, failing which your account will be closed down may be a tool to create panic.

Never provide your personal information to anybody, come what may. Bank will never seek Log-In, Password or any personal information on Phone or e-mail. Do not respond to such request. These may be phishing traps.


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